KAL491A 34-1/2" Aluminum Sluice Box & 12" Blue Gold Pan Kit

KAL491A 34-1/2" Aluminum Sluice Box & 12" Blue Gold Pan Kit

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You are buying a  34-1/2"  x 10" wide Aluminum  Sluice Box. Comes with sluice matting, Blue 12" gold pans,Pocket black sand magnet, tweezers with magnifier, scoop, 5 assorted vials, 5 sniffer tweezers & 2 sniffer bottles.

Riffle Designs:
- Hungarian: This kind of ruffle increases the turbulence behind the ruffle, which agitates the sand bed, improving gold recovering
- "V" Shaped
The "V" shaped rifles work very well for catching fine gold.
- Square
- Our Square rifles catch small nuggets of gold exceptionally well between its larger grooves.

- Channel: 10"
- Flare:13-3/4"

• Lightweight Aluminium Construction
• Flexible TPR Matting
• Carrying Strap

Sluice Mat Removal:
- Remove the wing nuts that keep the sluice flare connected to the rest of the sluice box.
- Remove the awning nut on the rod that holds the sluice mat in place.
- Pull the rod out through the holes.
- You now can pull the sluice matting out
- Roll the mat up and rinse it to clean the riffles of collected sand and gold.